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"Jim Stewart is a world-renowned calculus mathematician and concert level violinist who is quietly revolutionizing the cultural landscape of Canada."

The FIlm


Jim Stewart, a calculus mathematician renowned as the most published author of mathematics in the world, a concert level violinist and a man partially responsible for the gay rights movement in Canada.  In 2009, Shim Sutcliffe Architects completed a ground breaking private residence for Jim that had become internationally renowned and the focus of his philanthropic efforts.  Part concert hall, part architectural wonder, the house has become a pilgrimage for architects and musicians from around the world playing host to a list of amazing concert performances.  When Jim was diagnosed with terminal cancer a year into the making of this film, he undertook a direction to see the last days of his life lived out in a bold testament to his convictions.  The Integral Man is a feature-length documentary that takes us inside this famous house and tells the story of a man who, despite making a difference in the world of arts and culture, is relatively unknown to the public at large.


Filming of the documentary will continue throughout 2015 with a completion date of Spring 2016.


Joseph Clement




The Filmmakers



Having graduated from the University of Guelph with a bachelor in landscape architecture in 2005, Joseph’s film work is deeply inspired by the powerful relationship between individuals and environments.  Expanding this field of work in 2011 Joseph graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design with a masters in fine art bridging the passion for design and landscape with the moving image and story telling.  Having produced and directed several music videos, short documentaries and experimental films, his work continues to evolve through the exploration of powerful visual narratives.


Sarah Keenlyside - Co-Producer

Sarah Keenlyside is a documentary producer and director, specializing in films about the art, music and design. She is nearing completion of a 1-hour documentary called The Beat Goes On for TVOntario about a concert band for seniors, as well as several short films about public art in Toronto. Sarah has also produced several temporary public art projects, including Douglas Coupland's Museum of the Rapture installation at the 2012 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, and three other large-scale light, sound and video-based projects of her own.



Jackson Parrell has accumulated a massive body of work that ranges from the vibrant and experimental to highly orchestrated and refined. He has quickly become an in-demand cinematographer in both narrative and commercial work. Whether he is mounting a camera on a sky-diver or shooting in an abandoned inner-city home with no access to electricity, Jackson has extensive experience shooting in challenging environments. His work with the Canadian Film Centre, filmmakers, musicians and artists has provided him ample opportunity to demonstrate his highly technical and intuitive knowledge of his craft.



Calum J Moore is an English-Canadian film editor working in Toronto. The Short films he has edited have been accepted into Festivals including the Toronto International Film festival, Tribeca Film Festival and The Munich International Film Festival, amongst many others.
He recently completed work as series Editor on the Television Show 'One Last Shot', produced by The Bakery & Sportsnet, and is completing studies at Ryerson University’s Film program.